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Nancy Collins

Your Compassionate Professional Organizer

Nancy Collins has a true passion for helping her clients declutter their homes and their lives. While she has always been an organized individual and was often the one in her family to solve the question of, “Where did we put the ___,” Nancy’s journey to becoming a professional organizer has been unique.​

Starting in her early twenties, Nancy had the pleasure of helping families protect their loved ones through valuable life and health insurance policies. For over 20 years, Nancy helped her clients get the coverage they needed with plans that fit both their values and their budgets.​

During her time as an insurance representative, Nancy was introduced to the Pampered Chef Company, where she helped families come together around the table and enjoy a home-cooked meal. She pursued this passion for the last 20 years, showing both families and individuals how to save money and spend time with their loved ones as a top-ranked sales director.

As she visited these families and individuals, Nancy started to see just how a busy life can affect a household. She learned that people who struggle with organization are not lazy, they’re just busy. And it was out of this observation that Simplified Spaces with Nancy was created. Now, Nancy helps her clients go from overwhelmed to organized. 

As Goeth said, “The things that matter most must never be at the mercy of the things that matter least,” a vision that Nancy compassionately instills on each and every client.