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Less Chaos, More Calm

We know how overwhelming it can be to try to get organized. Whether it’s to downsize for a move, declutter your home or office, or start from scratch, we get it. We’ve been there. Let’s work together to develop an easy, gentle way to manage your home or small office environment.

Located in Orange County, California, Simplified Spaces by Nancy helps you arrange your space, declutter if necessary, and achieve order with no guilt, no judgement, and lots of fun. We’ll work together with you, not to perfect your environment, but to maintain it.​It’s time to forgive yourself, let some things go, and organize the rest. Your things don’t own you; you own them. Our rates are reasonable, we’re fully insured, and your peace of mind is priceless.


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As a professional organizer, I always try to approach each task with a simple basic plan that works to get the process going. Whether you want to dive in and do this yourself, or perhaps you want to get some help from me, this is a great way to approach the task, no matter what …

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For the past few months we’ve been highlighting some of the areas that my clients struggle with starting their organizing journey. Today’s post is your permission to take the first step: getting organized is a process, not a destination. Just as raising kids is not a one time endeavor, you will have starts and stops. …

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Getting organized is not a one and done activity. It’s a process, that once started, actually is easy to maintain. Today we will address some of the most common areas that need the most help. See which ones resonate with you and your family: One of the first questions I get asked when meeting a …

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Rick C.

“Nancy is a compassionate professional. She does an excellent job of helping clients achieve their goals for their spaces.”

“Wow what a difference! Nancy recently brought her magical skills to my garage. The whole experience was delightfully cathartic.

Sylvia G.

Barbara G

What a difference it made! Not only is my daughter more organized, but she works with her small children daily to clean up areas that they leave a mess. They now know where everything goes due to the system Nancy set up.

“Nancy was a godsend. Always on time and interested in how I wanted to proceed. She is very professional and worked quickly and efficiently.”




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