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Nancy Collins

Professional Organizer

10 Minutes to Keeping your Pantry Organized Once and For All–it’s Easier than you Think!
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Don't be afraid. Nancy can help create more calm and less chaos.

It's true: an Organized Pantry saves you money! When I am asked to help organize someone's kitchen the pantry is always the first area that needs the most help. Here's the easiest way to get it in shape, and once you get it organized, here's a few easy tips to keep it that way:

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1) Weekly meal planning is your best friend here. Take 20 minutes on Saturday or Sunday and plan out your family’s meals for the week and post it somewhere for easy reference. Don't overthink this! A simple pad of paper and pen, make a list, post it. Hint: Check and see what you already have in both your pantry and freezer, start with that!

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2) Start Fresh: Purge outdated and expired products and spices. Do this weekly on the same day, just make it a habit. Don’t play the “oh it expires next week and I probably will probably use it soon” game unless you have a meal plan that you know you will use it. (see idea # 1 above).

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3) Store it right: maximize cupboards and shelves with containers that stack. Don’t forget to label them. Once again don't like you have to go out and purchase expensive containers. Use what you have on hand first. Containers are available everywhere: Target, the grocery store, even Hobby Lobby!

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4) Create “zones” for your different products. I suggest Cooking, Baking, Snacks, and Other. Then label the zones for easy reminders. Leave plenty of space between items so that you don’t knock over the pancake syrup when you reach for the flour. A big bonus to this is that others also know where things “live” in the pantry so that someone else can put the groceries away, and thigs get put back where they belong after use.

5) Use open containers for easy storage and retrieval of things like seasoning packets. Dollar store baskets and old tupperware without lids work just as well, (although for a couple extra dollars you can have nice ones that match) and label them too. Turntables work best for bottles and other liquids.

6) Combine and refill to avoid duplicates.

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7) Keep a running list of what you are running low on or what you use up. Encourage others to write things down when they use them up. Once again, it doesn't have to Pinterest ready, a simple list keeps it straight.

What's your biggest Pantry Struggle? Let us know! We can help!

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One Reply to “10 Minutes to Keeping your Pantry Organized Once and For All–it’s Easier than you Think!”

I love using Alexa for my shopping list! Whenever I use a product I just ask Alexa to add it to my shopping list! I don’t check dates weekly but do store my newest purchases in the back to rotate canned goods and boxed items.
Also, I love to get my containers at Home Goods. I buy the same brand as I need them for ease in stacking.

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