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Nancy Collins

Professional Organizer

Can Being Organized Help You Beat the Heat?
summer heat

Don't be afraid. Nancy can help create more calm and less chaos.

Believe it or not there IS a strong connection! As much as we love summer, it’s super easy to get overwhelmed and overdone! Longer days, extra family activities,  extra work projects can all add up! A lot of my clients take summertime days to finally get to that garage, kitchen update, kids room re-do, you name it. It seems like a great idea at the time because you have a little more leisure time, but then you get into it and all of a sudden you are in overwhelm mode....Here’s a few tips to get and stay organized so that you keep your cool:

summer heat

Recognize when you are doing too much!

Whether it’s a packed calendar, an extended vacation, or an over-zealous boss, recognize when it’s too much! Take an honest look at what you are doing: if it’s too many activities, eliminate even one if you can. If it’s a big summer project at home, break it up into manageable bites. If it’s a big task at work, recognize that it might be easier if you pare it down a bit. Since heat can cause you exhaustion and change your mood, trying to finish all the tasks on the same day will put you under huge stress and will affect your results. Instead of giving the best, you will find yourself working just to get things done. Pay attention to the calendar: keep on top of it by checking it the night before so you don’t forget what you need for the next day. 

Stay Hydrated

Set reminders to drink your water! Use your phone, your smart watch, or if you are at home, even a Kitchen Timer works! Heat causes dehydration, which will have a huge negative effect on you. It can make you disorganized and downright cranky. As we mentioned earlier, this can make you suffer from a lack of focus and exhaustion, so you have to keep yourself hydrated. You can do so by always having a cold bottle of water with you everywhere and by eating a lot of fruits that maintain your body water. Hey, for fun, don’t forget the popsicles

drink more water

Freshen Up every Once in Awhile

Taking a break every now and then can help with your productivity. It's not a sprint--it's a marathon. Pace yourself.

Don’t spend the whole day working as the heat will make you feel tired even if you’re not doing much work. This is why we recommend taking a small break every hour or two to get some fresh air and rest your mind. If you are working at home, walk away from the screen every hour for at least 5 minutes. Kids on their screens? Mandatory screen breaks are a must. This will boost your energy a little and make you regain your focus. Whether it’s on a road trip for vacation, a day at the park or beach, or a big project at work, something as simple as washing your face with a cool washcloth can change your perspective. Bonus points: it helps you stay cooler too. 

Organize Your Calendar with Your Eye on the Weather Report

Keep up with the forecast and choose less stressful tasks on the sweltering days.

Since you will be already stressed from the heat, it is recommended to do small tasks on those days so you won’t make mistakes due to the lack of focus. Therefore, if you know that the upcoming days are hot, organize your tasks accordingly. Traveling with the family? Try to head out when it’s not so hot, either earlier in the morning or later in the evening. Heat can make everyone on edge, work with the weatherman and plan the stressful part of the day when it’s cooler.

family calendar

Carve out a cool, calm space to de-stress

Create a place wherever you are to catch your breath, take a cool drink, or just de-noise for awhile. Out and about in a noisy place (amusement park? Beach? Noisy work environment? Your own home full of people?) where you can’t find a quite place? Grab your headphones and listen to nature sounds or calming music. 

As a Professional Organizer, these are only a few tips I know when I am working with my clients in the summertime. The old adage "many hands make light work" is especially true when the dog days of summer are here. I can make the job go much easier and with a lot less stress on your end! Your time is valuable, as is your energy! Let us help! Remember, being organized is a process not a destination. Enjoy your summer, and let us know if we can help. 

calm place
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