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Time to Take the Terror out of the Task

It breaks my heart when I get a call from a client and his or her first words to me are “I’m a hoarder”….Why? Because it’s become a catch word for people who struggle with their environment and feel like they have too much stuff! Hoarding—real hoarding—is a difficult thing to overcome and usually needs professional help. Hoarding is a SYMPTOM, not a problem.

so where do i start 1

So Where Do I Start?

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by our stuff…it seems like everywhere we turn there is more things that are not where they should be, and it becomes scary to even think of where to begin. I get asked that all the time! A systematic approach can be the easiest way to deal with what, in our mind, is a daunting task!

its not about the stuff

It’s Not About the Stuff

So glad you tuned in! I am so excited that you are sharing in my new journey! I am hoping that this can be an INTERACTIVE relationship: we’ll learn tricks, tips and tools together to help you create a little more calm within the midst of the actual THINGS in your life.