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Nancy Collins

Professional Organizer

Do you need an organizer? Ask the dog!
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Don't be afraid. Nancy can help create more calm and less chaos.

Is your furry friend your best friend? Sometimes your best friends can tell you things that others can't right? Here's some thoughts about why your dog thinks you might need to hire an organizer...

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The best part about life as a dog is that your goal in life is to make people happy. My human is the best. Sometimes she comes home and she’s so exhausted from working that all she wants to do is lay on the couch and eat her takeout. For me, that means also laying on the couch, looking up at her with my big eyes and willing her to give me some food—she ALWAYS does. What a pushover. On those nights we lay around and eventually she lets me outside to do my business and survey the yard for intruding squirrels. Those days are nice but not my favorite.

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My favorite type of day is when we’ve had a good nights sleep and we get to go on walks to meet new friends and explore our neighborhood. Sometimes she’ll even take me to the dog park but I think it’s more fun for me than for her—she just stands around and talks to other humans. On those days we get to be together and I come home SO TIRED that all I want to do is lay on the ground.

When my human goes to work she is usually so late that she’s running around trying to find all of her stuff. I know where it is, but she never asks me for help. I want to tell her, “Hey, lady, you kicked your keys under the couch with your shoes last night after you dropped them on the floor”, or “You forgot to pack your lunch again because you were too afraid to go into your kitchen”, or my personal favorite “You left your phone by my leash under a pile of mail. Maybe if you walked me more you would see that.” Yeah, things can get a little crazy here sometimes. Lucky for her (and me) I’m a dog and I don’t need a lot…just a good place to rest (this pile of clothes on the couch is a good pillow), some food (which I can find on the counter when she forgets to put stuff away) for snacks, a good walk (we have like 5 leashes because she keeps “losing” them), and some cuddles.

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The other day, my human took the day off work and had someone come in to organize the house. At first, I was like, “who is this lady?” She had boxes, and trash bags, and a thing to make word stickers and she came in ready to get my human ready for a good day. Sometimes I would even walk up to her and she would stop what she was doing to play with me. I think she likes dogs too. As she worked she found some of my old toys that I thought were gone forever. Turns out my human was just hiding them in all her stuff. She put all my toys in a box so that I could play with them whenever I wanted. She hung my leash by the door so my human would never lose it again and put it next to a spot for her keys. The best part—my food and snacks are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. It’s not just a bag tempting me anymore with it’s delicious smells but a big bin with my name on it that my human can keep closed so that I don’t sniff around it too much. It also keeps it fresh and clean in the house for when company comes over. Oh wait, no, that’s not the best part…this is: now that our house is clean and organized my human gets to have more of her friends and family over! Before, I think she was afraid to let people see our house but now, people are over all the time. Sometimes she’ll have kids over and they’ll want to play fetch or just run around around with me, and when I’m tired we stop and I get to go with the adults and let them pet me. They pet me forever and when they stop I just look up at them and they start right back up.

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This organizer lady my dog dreams come true. I get more people, more toys, more walks, and better tasting food. Every day my humans walks me now because she feels better about her life. I’ve made so many new friends. I hope this organizer lady comes back soon because when she does, my life gets better. Yeah, I miss the days of sleeping on t-shirts sometimes, but my bed is pretty great too and, even though I don’t get to eat all the human food that’s been left on the counters because it’s in a cabinet now, I get treats that are made for dogs and they’re in a special place…just for me. All in all, it’s still the best to be a dog.

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