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Nancy Collins

Professional Organizer

Getting Organized in 20 Minutes a Day? Check!
20 min

Don't be afraid. Nancy can help create more calm and less chaos.

Getting your home organized doesn’t need to be daunting—your mother (or grandma) was right—small things add up to big things! Little organizing tasks soon make big changes. Let’s break this down:

20 minutes a day (with one day off): 2 hours a week

2 hours per week (with 2 weeks off for family time): 100 hours per year! Wow! How much could YOU get done in 100 hours? That's roughly 3 months worth of time! So, with that in mind, here are some small organizing tips that can help you get there in just 20 minutes a day!

20 min
  1. Trash cans only work if you use them. If you have surfaces that have bits of things that belong in a trash can, use them. Take the extra 10 seconds to throw it away.
  2. Piles are a temporary solution to a temporary problem. Putting like things together is fine if they all have a common purpose or theme, but they need to have an end-time to them. For example: papers you need to take action on, things that need to be put away, things going to donation, etc. You can use sticky notes to label the piles, but remember, temporary only! 
  3. Labeling containers and bins is only necessary if you can’t see what’s in them. You don’t need labels on every single bin or container if it’s obvious what goes in them. Labels are important, but not if they add more time or clutter.
  4. Put things that you use frequently and need to access in a place where you need them or need to get to them. Example: if you entire family has smart phones, keep the chargers by the door because they will know where they are as they head out the door. Keys: ditto. We used to have a piano by the door where everyone’s car keys went. Bonus: if I needed to move someone else’s car or my kids needed to get something out of my car, they could find the keys. In the kitchen, Spices go near the stove where you use them. And dishes go in the cupboard closest to the dishwasher. 
  5. For 2 story homes: have a “going upstairs bin” near the bottom of the stairs that family members can check for wayward items. A few weeks of using it will create the habit and keep clutter to a minimum.
  6. Have a designated “donate” bin where items can go that are ready to find a new home. Once a month, off it goes! 

These small habits make for big successes! Need help with more? Sometimes hiring a professional organizer can make all the difference! At Simplified spaces, that's what we do! Reach out to us, we're here to help.

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