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Is your Closet Happy or Sad? Here’s How to Tell…
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Don't be afraid. Nancy can help create more calm and less chaos.

How long has it been since you had a good long conversation with your closet? Maybe it's the change in seasons, maybe its the coming holidays, maybe it's that some of us are going back to work in person, it seems like closets are what's on a lot of clients' minds these days. Closets can be maddening, and yet overwhelming at the same time. Here's some thoughts about getting your closet organized.

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So...closets....probably the number two area of the home I get asked to help with (number one is garages, in case you were wondering) when I am contacted by a new client. Some think their closets are horrible (most aren't), some think they are out of control (out of control, no, needing help with control....um, yep...), but the reality is a lot of people are really frustrated with their CLOSETS. Clothes on the floor, shoved in a corner, bins overflowing, different sized hangers making it hard to figure out how to hang their finest...People are puzzled, annoyed, and generally overwhelmed. So here's a question I have for you: do you have SAD closets? This was taken from another blog by an organizer I absolutely love, Amanda Sullivan. If you ever want to read a realistic, down-to-earth book about Organizing, pick up her book Organized Enough. It will change your life.

IMG 2202
This closet is much happier!

Happy clothes love room to breathe. Sad clothes are crowded together. When your closet and drawers are too crowded, your clothes get crushed. Not only does this lead to the need for extra ironing and washing, but also fabric needs space to breathe. Stuffing things into drawers and closets and under-bed storage boxes and pulling them out creates friction that creates more wear and tear, snags and pulls. In addition, fragrances that may be left behind from personal fragrance items can linger, and sometimes mingle. Ever pulled out something from a storage bin or a too-crowded closet and thought "what was THAT smell?". It can create SAD clothes that wear out way too soon.

IMG 2131
This client had way too many clothes in her closet--no room to breathe

Happy Clothes love to be worn. You also forget what you have. Don't believe it? I've seen the look of delight countless times when I unearth some gem that was crammed in the back of a closet or drawer. Even if you technically haven't forgotten something, if you don't ever see it, you'll forget to wear it. I help clients all the time that tell me "wow, I was looking for that!" Sad clothes are neglected because they are forgotten.

IMG 2195

Happy Clothes get rotated in and out of closets and drawers. Last week I told a client that by Toy Story logic she has the saddest clothes, because she has so much clothing she can't possibly wear any of it very much. My suggestion to her was to rotate her clothes around. Most of us wear clothes that are hanging close to eye level in the closet or close to the top of things in a drawer. If this is you, either donate what you never wear, or at least rotate your clothes around to give them equal time. Truly, it's better to have fewer clothes so that you can see and appreciate what you have and keep items nicely spaced, so they will be happy, not sad and forgotten in the corner of your closet."

IMG 2194

Sad Shoes: Shoes can be a challenge to store. Sometimes they wind up on the floor of the closet (sad shoes). Sometimes they are in their original boxes (less sad shoes, but not efficient because they don't stack well, are different sizes, and a pain to get shoes in and out of in a hurry). My clients have all loved it when I convinced them to purchase shoe boxes from Amazon that were uniform in size, easy to get in and out of, and clear so that the contents can be easily seen. Happy shoes love to be worn, or donated rather than neglected.

IMG 2014
even Apartment closets can be happy with a little help

As head into fall, is it time to declutter and have a happy closet again? Start small, maybe 3 or 4 items you know you don't wear, (be brave!)...a little a day will have you--and your clothes--smiling again.

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2 Replies to “Is your Closet Happy or Sad? Here’s How to Tell…”

Happy closets!! Clothes arranged by color: White, Blue, Turq./Aqua, Pink/Fuschia, Red, Burgundy, Black. I do keep my shoes in the original boxes with the type/color facing out so I can read them.

Idk too soon to tell

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