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Nancy Collins

Professional Organizer

Need to get Organized? Start with the “S”s…..

Don't be afraid. Nancy can help create more calm and less chaos.

As a professional organizer, I always try to approach each task with a simple basic plan that works to get the process going. Whether you want to dive in and do this yourself, or perhaps you want to get some help from me, this is a great way to approach the task, no matter what area you are working in:

An Organzier can help you develop a good system!

SELECT the area you want to start with. Sounds simple, right? Sometimes there are multiple areas that need attention, to the point of frustration where you don't know where to start. I get a LOT of clients that tell me "EVERYWHERE" when we do our initial consult. A good rule of thumb to start is what area bothers you the most: when you walk in your front door does the living room drive you nuts? Kid's playroom make you want to scream? Pantry full of food you no longer need or want? Bathroom full of 14 bottles of the same shampoo and conditioner or outdated cosmetics? Select the area that we need to work on the most, and that's where we will start--beause getting that area doe will maximize your satisfaction.


SORT.Keep, donate or discard. Keep like with like. Once you have selected your area, we pull everything out; and I mean everything!  We will sort through each item and place it in one of the three categories: keep, donate, or discard. We aim to keep only what you use, remains in working order, fits, or has a direct need. Then, grouping similar items together will eliminate having the same items scattered throughout the house.  This part of the process actually is the most time consuming. But if you don't get stuck in the "I might need this someday" loop, it goes pretty quick.

cleaning supplies

SHINE. Before we put anything back, we Clean the area and items. Once everything has been cleared from the area, we do a thorough cleaning. Since the space is empty it’s the perfect opportunity. Then, it’s time to clean the items in the “keep” pile. This will be an easier job since we have reduced the items to what you really use and love. It's so much nicer to be able to spruce it up. Changing the decor or color scheme? Perfect time!


SET IN PLACE. It really is true what your grandma taught you: A place for everything and everything in its place. Now that everything is clean, we find a new home for each item. We help you create zones. This is when we assess the prime storage real estate in your home, keeping items you use regularly in easy-to-access locations. Having a designated place for each item lets you know exactly where to find it every time. No more searching and wondering “where did I put that?” Bonus: once you create zones, we help your family members "discover" the zones too. No one has excuses for not putting something away. Which brings us to the final step:

SUSTAIN: Once you've established "zone defense" we help you by creating a system to keep it that way. You've done the work with our help, and we help you maintain it. Don't worry, we offer maintenance sessions, or as I like to call them :"re-tweak" sessions.

By breaking down any organizing into these simple steps, it's do-able! We're here to help with any area, small or large.

Need help? Take advantage of our Spring Refresh sessions: No charge for initial consultation, and 25% off your first 4 hour session: (a $60 value).

Simplified Spaces: we're here to help: https://www.nancyorganizes.com

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